Dumpster Rental Facts


  More expensive on average

  Must fill yourself (ouch)


  Poor environmental impact - entire contents ends up in the dump

Jeeves' Junk Removal


  Cheaper (including labor)

  We load it!

  In and out, same day

  Recycle what we can

  5% off for veterans, first responders, educators, seniors & their families

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Let us beat their price

Cheaper than a dumpster


And we do all the work!

Don't get a dumpster, get Jeeves!

We frequently get calls asking us if we rent dumpsters and by the end of the conversation the customer is surprised to find out just how preferable it is to hire someone to remove the junk over a dumpster!

With our by-the-truck pricing and industry low pricing, we are able to remove your junk at frequent intervals for such a low price you won't want to bother with a dumpster.

With junk removal you pay for just what you dispose of and you don't have to deal with an unsightly (and sometimes smelly) dumpster sitting outside your home or worksite. Since Junk Jeeves offers frequent pickups, we can do all the hard work for you and you don't have to worry about what you can legally dispose of in a dumpster.

Still not sold? Give us a call at 330-977-5432 and let our team member know you are considering a dumpster, we will talk pricing and convenience and show you how the numbers add up.

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