Commercial Junk Removal Services

If you are a business owner or a manager you be surprised at the cost savings you can achieve by partnering with Junk Jeeves. If you frequently need junk removed or are currently utilizing dumpsters, then commercial junk removal service may reduce costs, free up man power or both. Even if you are currently partnered with another junk company and just want to see if we are cheaper, we are happy to meet with you or chat on the phone about your current commercial junk removal situation - in some cases we may be able to buy you out of your current contract.

Ever considered going green? We can help you make the switch to recycling. We offer a recycling solution that makes it simple (and cheap!) for companies to lower their environmental footprint

Construction Site Cleanup

Construction sites can generate a lot of debris and junk, we can partner up with you to remove your junk on a weekly schedule or one big cleanup job

Even if you are currently employing dumpsters or other junk companies, you may be surprised at our pricing.

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Property Management Partnership

If you own or manage property, we can take the stress and hassle off your hands of managing recycling pickup, trash removal or evicted tennant cleanout

We can do a single job or partner up in periodic services at a low-price agreed upon rate

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Scrap, Asphalt, Carpet Roll Removal

Many times scrap products can be difficult or dangerous to dispose if yourself. In addition you may not have the time our resources to properly recycle

Junk Jeeves has experience in in picking up awkward scrap materials like metal, asphalt, broken brick pavers, rolled up carpet and more .

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Scheduled Recycling And Trash Pickup

Going green is a noble cause that we should all try and strive to do, but time and resources can make it difficult or costly. That's where we come in, we can properly dispose of your items in the correct recycling facility, in some cases stripping and sorting the item for maximum recyclability.

Junk Jeeves knows how to properly dispose of items for recycling.

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Office Move Outs

Office chairs, cubicles, file cabinets and more, Jeeves can accommodate.

Moving out of an office can generate a lot of junk that may waste precious man-hours of your team-members to remove. Why not just let Jeeves clean the office out? Cheaper and more efficient when Jeeves can get it done

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Partner With Your Business

There are many reasons not listed above to partner with a low-cost junk removal service.

If you are interested in reducing your costs and freeing up your time and space, we want to talk to you.

Even if you are already partnered with another junk company, you may be surprised to see how affordable we are. Let's chat!


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