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Dispose of Mattress

Dispose of Mattress

Few pieces of furniture in the home prove as difficult to dispose of like an old unwanted mattress. These large and unwieldy items can be a total pain to get rid of because most trash services won’t take them. Additionally, some local municipalities won’t dispose of them unless they are already broken down. Not exactly user-friendly. When you want to dispose of an old mattress, don’t take on those headaches yourself. Instead, call the trusted mattress disposal service Youngstown for help. We know the best ways to dispose of and rid your home of an old mattress. Don’t struggle with stairs or disposal options, let us do the heavy lifting for you!

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Mattress Disposal Youngstown/Akron

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to dispose of a mattress. Some mattresses wear out over time, others simply no longer suit a person’s tastes or needs. Whatever the reason you need an old mattress hauled away, our trained and licensed mattress disposal experts can help you get rid of that unwanted mattress so you can move on to a much comfier option. Whether your mattress is on the first floor, basement, or even an apartment walk-up, we can easily take out any mattress and dispose of it responsibly. You can rest assured that you’ll enjoy fair pricing that comes without hidden fees or surcharges.

Types of Mattresses We Dispose Of

No two mattresses are exactly alike. Some come with metal springs, others dense memory foam. Luckily, we dispose of every type of mattress under the sun. Mattress types we’ll haul away in Akron and beyond include: ● Memory foam ● Innerspring ● Hybrid ● Encased coils ● Gel memory foam ● Pillow top Additionally, we can remove any unwanted box springs, bed frames, and headboards that may also be crowding your space. Our goal is to remove your unwanted junk so that you can be free to rest easy and enjoy a new bed in no time.

Flexible Mattress Removal

At the end of the day, we offer flexible scheduling times and a fully trained staff to help you dispose of any mattress. Regardless of size, shape, or style, we’ll haul away your old mattress and dispose of it in the most responsible manner possible. Our pricing reflects the entire process, meaning you’ll never fall victim to hidden fees. When we quote you a price for mattress removal, that’s the price you’ll pay. Need a mattress disposal option Akron? Call us today to get started!

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