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Junk Furniture Pickup

Affordable Junk Furniture Pickup

Ridding your space of unwanted or aging furniture is no small task. Mattresses, sofas, couches, and beds can be cumbersome to handle and haul away. You may even need specialized tools for the task such as a dolly. Even with the right tools, you’ll probably have to assemble a team of folks to help you get your unwanted furniture from point A to point B. Don’t take on this cumbersome process on your own, call a qualified junk furniture pickup service in Youngstown today. With expertise in handling and disposing of old furniture, you can rid your home of junk in no time. Easy Junk Furniture Removal Youngstown/Akron Serving both the Youngstown and Akron areas we strive to make junk furniture removal as painless as possible. With the right tools for the job and a qualified team, we can remove any junk furniture item from your home regardless of weight or size. Whether you want to get rid of that unwanted sofa set or ditch the recliner for a newer model, we’ll take all of the proper measures to remove your items safely and responsibly. Unwanted items will be donated or recycled when possible.

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Scheduling Junk Furniture Pick Up

Need your junk furniture picked up as soon as possible? Have a sofa or mattress that needs removal? Simply schedule junk furniture pick up for any day of the week. Our friendly and well-mannered team will provide you with an appointment window. When we arrive on the scene, just show us which junk furniture items you’d like removed and we’ll get to work. You’ll enjoy up-front pricing without the gimmicks other junk removal services can boast. All you have to do is say the word and we’ll haul away your junk furniture in Akron. In the end, we’ll tidy up the area and leave your home as we found it.

Recycling Junk Furniture

Whenever possible we strive to recycle any pieces of junk furniture we come upon. While some furniture can be recycled, not every furniture item can be repurposed or broken down. Generally, items made of solid wood are better candidates for recycling than sofas or mattresses. However, even wood items that have been stained or varnished cannot be recycled due to chemicals in the varnishes and adhesives. When an item can’t be recycled our team will always attempt to donate rather than simply junking.

Junk Furniture Pick Up You Can Rely On

At the end of the day, we provide junk furniture pickup services that you can rely on. Whether you want one piece removed or a whole house cleanout, we can schedule a time to haul away your old furniture pieces. Never deal with the headaches of removing old beds and couches on your own again!

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