Junk We Take

"By the truck" junk removal - as low as $88

Sometimes it's easier (and cheaper!) to get a junk removal quote by the truck, or portion of a truck. We offer partial truck pricing, full truck pricing or even multiple truck pricing.

Even if we get to a job and realize you need more or less of a truck(s) then quoted, we will walk you through additional/reduced capacity staying perfectly in line with our partial truck pricing. We will be on the same page the entire job so there are never any pricing surprises, those are the worst!

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TVs, monitors and electronics

You aren't alone. Electronics are one of the most commonly junked items and we know the safest way to dispose of them. In the past we've hauled away TVs, laptops, printers, cell phones, cabling, gaming consoles, DVDs, VHS, speakers and more.

In many cases your electronic junk can be recycled so you can feel good about where your unwanted items are headed

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Couches & Sofas

Out with the old furniture and in with the new. If you are looking to get rid of furnishing taking up space in your home, let us remove your old or unwanted furniture, it's quick and easy. We accept all types of furniture from anywhere in or on your property.

In many cases furniture can be heavy or cumbersome and dragging it up from the basement or down stairs can be risky, let Jeeves do the heavy lifting and haul your furniture away.

The possibilities are endless, but recliners, couches, tables, ottomans, wardrobes, dressers, chairs, coffee tables, futons, sofas, night stands, hope chests, end tables, dining sets, bedroom sets, bed frames, bookcases, benches, headboards, desks, hutches, vanities and armoires are just a few of the furniture items we remove.

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We are ready to haul off your old washer, dryer, microwave or other appliance and in most cases we can recycle all or most of the item. Appliances come in all shapes and sizes and their ability to be recycled varies, Junk Jeeves is knowledgeable in this area and will proudly recycle as much as possible.

We offer single item pricing (as low as $88) or can pick up a bunch of junk including appliances, making sure that the junk gets taken to the dump and the appliances get recycled (if applicable).

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Trash, garbage, rubbish, waste, debris, it has many names and comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you have trash (bagged or loose) that you need gone stat, Junk Jeeves can make your problem go away. Trash is one of our top requests, so we specialize in removing it as efficiently as possible, lowering the cost for you

Before you bag it! In many cases, for a small fee we can even bag the garbage for you.

Got a unique trash situation? Give us a call we will walk you through getting you the best priced quote for your unique trash pickup job

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Mattresses & Bed Frames

Mattresses can be difficult to dispose of, both physically and logistically. Many neighborhoods don't allow curb side mattress removal thru the garbage man and even if they do, they don't always recycle the mattress.

In many cases a mattress (or parts of the mattress) can be properly disposed at a recycling plant and we are proud to recycle whenever possible.

Do you manage a hospital, hotel, nursing home or any other commercial business that has frequent mattress turnover? Partner with Junk Jeeves and we will build a custom, low-priced quote to pickup your old mattresses.


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