Junk Removal Frequently Asked Questions

1What types of junk do you take away?
We are obsessed with junk to say the least and take nearly everything that isn't hazardous. Below is a list of just a fraction of the junk we remove.

Electronics - things like televisions, monitors, printers, cell phones, cabling, consoles, DVDs and more.

Furniture - couches, sofas, tables bed frames, bookcases and desks to name a few

Appliances like washers, dryers, dish washers, microwave, stoves and much more.

Trash - We also take loose trash/debris and gladly provide trash cleanup.

Even if your junk doesn't fall into a traditional category, we offer by-the-truck price quoting, so we can load all your odds and ends into low cost section of our truck.

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2How far in advance do I need to schedule?
In many cases we can give you an estimate and remove your junk same or next day. Some people like to schedule appointments well in advance, and we can gladly accommodate. Call now 330-977-5432 or book online
3Who loads the junk?
In most cases one of our crew members will be there to pickup your junk with a smile. There are cases where customers prefer no-contact pickup, where we pickup your junk from the front of your property, but even in this scenario, we still lift it into the truck.
4Who uses Junk Jeeves?
Homeowners - regain that precious space in your house or on your property.

Realtors and Landlords - Let us remove anything left over from a previous tenant.

Business owners - we know your time is limited as a business owner and can partner with you to handle all your haul away needs.

Busy people - Hauling junk can be an inconvenience, but with Junk Jeeves low-cost pricing model, we can take care of it for you.

Anyone who needs junk, trash or rubbish removal!

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5Do you offer a military discount?

Junk Jeeves is proud to offer a 5% discount to past and present military members and their family, as well as first responders, police and educators (and their family).
6Do you provide hot tub removal services?
Yes! We are experiences in removing drained hot tubs and hauling them away.
7Do you do basement cleanouts and garage cleanouts.
Yes. not only do we offer basement/garage cleanout services, but we are experienced in quoting you with our by-the-truck pricing, so you can get the lowest price without itemizing all your garage/basement junk.
8I have a question not answered here.
Please give us a call or text today at 330-977-5432 and one our knowledgeable junk removal reps will happily answer your question.