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Piano Disposal

Affordable Piano Disposal in Akron/Youngstown

Like anything in the home, pianos can break or simply wear out over time. Unfortunately, these large instruments can be nearly impossible for the average person to dispose of on their own. Not only do they weigh a ton, but most are unwieldy and won’t fit easily through standard doors. Let’s no even talk about the possibility of moving a piano down a flight of stairs! If you’ve got an old or broken piano that no longer serves its purpose, don’t try and dispose of it on your own. Let our trusted piano disposal services Youngstown help you get rid of that old instrument with ease. We’ll determine the best removal and disposal options for your piano based on size, shape, and usability.

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Piano Disposal Service Youngstown/Akron

We know just how difficult piano removal can be. Unlike smaller instruments, you can’t huck a piano in the dumpster. Most pianos are very large and quite weighty. Additionally, they tend to contain components that are not easily broken down over time. Before you give us a call, determine whether or not your piano is broken or if it could be fixed. If a piano can be fixed, you can call our piano removal service to take the piano to a donation center. If your instrument is beyond repair, we’ll get into the basics of piano disposal. Once you are certain of the state of your piano, call us up and we’ll help assist you with a pick-up time and pricing. Our team will be comprised of many members, since moving a piano is never a one-person job. At your home, we’ll utilize the best tools and methods necessary to remove your old piano without damaging other areas of the home. Unlike the other guys, we care about keeping your home as pristine as it was when we first entered.

Types Of Pianos We Dispose Of

Whether you’re in Akron or the surrounding area, we will gladly dispose of any type of piano you have in your home. Types of pianos we regularly dispose of include: ● Upright pianos ● Digital pianos ● Keyboards ● Grand and baby grand pianos ● Organs ● Toy pianos ● Parlor pianos We know that every piano is unique in size and shape. Our professionals know how to remove any sized piano, even if it takes a bit of logistical planning due to door sizing or the region of the home in which the piano is located. There is no job too big for our piano disposal specialists

Piano Recycling

Can a piano be recycled? While our Akron piano disposal specialists always strive to recycle what they can, pianos are not always able to be recycled. Since they are comprised of so many unique materials, not every piano is a candidate for recycling. Pianos that cannot be recycled will either be donated or disposed of. Ready to get rid of your old piano? Call our piano removal specialists today.

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